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Cineworld is a British cinema company and is the world's second-largest cinema chain, with 9,518 screens across 790 sites in 11 countries: the UK, the US, Canada, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Israel, Hungary, Czechia, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The group's primary brands are Regal (in the US), Cineworld and Picturehouse (in the UK & Ireland), Cinema City (throughout Europe) and Yes Planet (in Israel).


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Sue Bateley says

"I've used Cineworld Crawley for.many years and have Cineworld pass which my husband and I pay monthly for never a problem good discounts issue is with this lockdown why are they still taking our monthly payments regardless of the fact we cannot use the cinema. Have emailed them to no avail. I think this is so wrong of them to treat good customers this way!"

Callum k says

"Newcastle Cineworld-Had an issue in the screening about people shouting, the ushers did nothing and since it was 4D I assumed it was a stay in your seat thing. No it wasn’t but I wouldn’t know since no one said anything about it to us. I came out after getting stared at from the front because they thought it was us shouting. So I asked a colleague about what to do and they said I could get a refund if I went to this till. I did and low behold the team leader came out and said he asked his ushers about it and they said they didn’t hear. Well of course they didn’t since it happened during the nervous and anti social usher was on so I’m guessing he just didn’t want to say anything since even the people beside him heard. With nothing but a sorry from team leader mark with a comment about us as a we walked away and all the staff staring and coming out from the screen area talking about it. I contacted customer service and after a week I got a reply, so I called and had been called a liar, refused a legally obligated complaint escalation just because they said they “internally investigated” it and took the side of team leader mark who said he only spoke to his usher (wrong he was spotted talking to about 5 colleagues while staring at us and then left them still listening in), he also said no colleague mentioned a refund (wrong, one did and we porovided a name and he said she didn’t, so if we weren’t told how did we know what till to go to?) so this rude and nasty customer service supervisor named Yolanda I think, had refused me any further complaint, overtalked me, offered me a free popcorn meal which I get a voucher off anyways as a courtesy after calling me a liar and losing her temper when I said I wouldn’t settle at an apology when I was £40+ down on this. I asked for the documents involving my complaint and was told it’s private information so I have no right to know what my complaint was. They don’t reply after this no matter what you do and don’t record their phone lines so they can be nasty to you. What a waste of money to be bullied by a lying and insulting company."

Nikita Saunders says

"Tried booking Jumanji but the website kept saying there was an error, the seats kept disappearing each time as if it had been booked, after 3 attempts I gave up. My boyfriend also tried but failed. The website also glitched to the wrong cinema on the payment detail page. Extremely disappointed that booking was made so difficult. Now left worrying that 3 lots of payment has been taken from my account with no proof of purchase."

Olivier says

"Awful company, the customer services advisors are rude and they lie to you.
Their website went down and didn't allow to black card member to book any 3D movies
I can them made them aware of the situation and have been surprised to find out that they knew the issue.
As a resolution of this has been promised my next month free ( how when my membership was ending this month...)
Following this, I went to the cinema to watch ” The secret life of pet 2 ” bad experience light on and the publicity keeps repeating the same advert.
Called them been advise that some complimentary ticket will be provided to me and a call back from a manager will follow.
Days pas and nothing happened.
On the same call, I mentioned the month free resolution that I received from my previous call, I also let the adviser aware that I wanted to renew my membership.
I've been advised that I need to wait for the end of my current membership to do this and use the offer ( this is very strange as they never mentioned this on the first call)
Today I called them 5 times been advised 5 different information, I've been treat like a thief, patronizing and put on all for no reason.
On call number 4 the advisor told me that I will just receive 1 voucher for all the trouble.
At this point, I had enough and just wanted to come off the phone as I had to go to the cinema to watch Aladdin.
At the cinema, I tried to use the voucher and it doesn't work I called them and received rude information and been advised that there is no record of my previous calls.
I just had enough management are rudely been refuse to raise a complaint, they refuse to send to me the complaint handling procedure for their company and when I mentioned that I want to have ” access to my information ” or ” system access request ” I've been rudely answering that every company is different and that if I need something I need to go on their website and send an email...
There is no place to raise a complaint or to request to receive the information that the company have on their website
It cineworld so jot complaint with he new DPA Act and the regulation?
I hope that someone will reply to me and provide me with a resolution.

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